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Islander Football

Lettering Criteria

The following lettering criteria has been formulated and adopted by the GISH Coaching staff and approved by the Activities Director. Our lettering criteria stresses Commitment, Preparation, & multi-sport participation. Excellence in any endeavor is impossible to achieve without hard work and commitment. We want our criteria to be based, not so much on talent, but on whether an athlete "pays the price" to achieve Excellence. Only after paying this price can an athlete truly earn a varsity letter.

To earn a letter in football, an athlete needs to earn 170 pts or more. Points can be earned as follows:


Participation in a Winter Sport = 25 pts. 

Participation in Winer Lifting program = 20 pts.

(points for Winter Conditioning are awarded if an athlete finishes the winter with 90% efficiency or better) (Players will either have a chance to earn 25 pts as a winter athlete or 20 pts in the off-season program - not both.)


Participation in Spring Sport = 25 pts.  

Participation in Spring Lifting Program = 20 pts.

(points for Spring Lifting are awarded if an athlete finishes the spring with 90% efficiency or better) (Players will either have a chance to earn 25 pts as a spring athlete or 20 pts in the off-season program - not both.)

*Winter Athletes and Spring Athletes must finish their season in good standing to earn points and must do an excellent job of completing their "in-season" lifting program.


Summer Lifting = 30 pts. (there are approx. 30 total lifting sessions - each session is worth a point)



PASSING LEAGUE = 1 pt per session (4 total sessions)

OTHER CAMPS = Point values TBA


Practice consistency = Between 60 & 70 pts on average. With practices and scrimmages, we will end up with around 60-70 practice sessions (including playoffs)

1 pt will be earned for each session suited for - 1/2 pt for each attended but not suited for (as in the case of an injury)


Starter (over 50% of season) = 40 pts

Varsity Backup & Special Teams Player (seeing significant playing time) = 30 pts

Special Teams Player (Action in at least 50% of contests) = 20 pts

6. HONOR ROLL = 20 pts (10 pts per semester)

As always a player must finish the season "in good standing" to earn a letter.  

Other opportunities could be added as point earning opportunities and will be announced (such as additional camps).

The Coaching staff reserves the right to modify this formula in special cases, such as for players hat have just moved to town or for hardship cases.

*Players who violate the drug/alcohol policy or disgrace the program by being involved in serious criminal matters will not be eligible to earn a varsity letter and will not be nominated for post season honors including: All Area, All Conference, All State, or Shrine Bowl. In addition, players may be suspended from competing or dismissed from the team.

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