Body Weight Workouts (No access to weights)

Spring Offseason - Week 2

Spring Offseason - Week 3

Additional Workouts Available via Google Classroom

Dear Islander Football Players and Parents:


I hope this message finds you all well.  Obviously, we are faced with an unprecedented situation with school and athletics/activities temporarily on hold due to the Covid 19 pandemic health concerns.  I feel bad for our Spring athletes and for our Seniors in particular. As with every type of adversity though we can Respond or React. We can use this as an excuse or as an opportunity.  I am sure of two things. The first is that as Islanders we will Respond as positively as we possibly can and two we will “Find a Way or Make a Way”!


The reason for this message is to provide you with information and guidance for the foreseeable future.  Because we are temporarily out of commission, we will obviously not be meeting as a team for quite some time.   This is by state and district mandate as well as common sense. The health of the citizens of our community, state and nation supersede anything else.  


Optimistically we look forward to the day when we can train in our own facility in preparation for what’s next.  Excellence waits for no one and we are no exception. I want to encourage our current and future players to do all that you can possibly do to keep your “edge”.  Keeping in mind “social distancing” recommendations and handwashing practices etc. we still need to “Find a Way or Make a Way” to continue to make progress and get better.  Every player with a Hudl account has been sent a slide show on Hudl with an “at-home” workout plan. This “at-home” plan was designed by Coach Swanson to address the needs of those players who may not have access to weight equipment or a gym to train in.  This workout can also be accessed via our website by clicking on the Islander Power link. For those who have access to weight equipment, we will also post a copy of the “offseason” workout. We are all basically “offseason” at this time until our Spring season can resume.  


As we have discussed in the weight room, your body will start to “detrain” after about 5 days with no activity.  It is critical for you to do something to get stronger for yourself and for your team. Find a Way or Make a Way - get creative and get it done.  Ultimately we will find a way or find an excuse.  


Eventually, you will also have access to our Leadership Academy materials.  Those will also be linked to our website at some point this week.  


All the best & Go11, 

Coach Tomlin