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Islander Football

Code of Excellence

Our football philosophy at GISH is very simple. Our aim is to constantly pursue and consistently achieve Excellence in five key areas. We feel that if we can be truly Excellent in these five areas, we will be a respected and winning program on a consistent basis. We will always continually strive to be a program that our school and community are proud of.

(ex cel lence (ek' se lens) , n. unusually good quality;

being better than others; superiority.)

"When Excellence Becomes The Tradition...Greatness Has No Limits"

1. ATTITUDE: No other single factor determines our success, or lack there of, more than attitude. We will strive as individuals to develop and maintain a positive attitude and we will strive as a program to establish a collective attitude of Excellence. We want our collective attitude to guide our response to adversity and our pursuit of Excellence. Attitude is everything.

2. EFFORT: Much emphasis is constantly placed on the Will to Win. While the Will to Win is, without a doubt very important, we feel it is but a small part of achieving Excellence. Champions in any field of endeavor possess the Will to Prepare to Win. We will do everything in our power to outwork and out-prepare our opponents and will stress the importance of preparation in everything we do. Process Before Results in Football and in Life.

3. DISCIPLINE: All consistently successful organizations pay attention to details. We will strive to be men of honor, courage, commitment and loyalty. We will stress and demand discipline on and off the field. Paying attention to details, no matter how small, will help us achieve our goals in football and life. SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!

4. TEAM: Football is more unique than any other sport, in that it requires the collective effort of eleven individuals. We will always stress the Team and Program above the individual and all who Choose to be a part of us will sacrifice individual welfare for the good of the Team. It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit. If every individual player, coach and parent take the "M" in ME and turns it upside down, WE have a chance to be the best.

5. FUNDAMENTALS: An old football law states that The Team That Blocks and Tackles the Best Will Win! We believe in this wholeheartedly and will make every effort to become as strong and as skilled as we can in every area. If we are as fundamentally sound as we can be in blocking, tackling and ball handling, we will compete very well on a consistent basis and will have a chance to achieve Excellence.

Core Values: Honor - Courage - Commitment - Loyalty

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